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Welcome to the RES Library Page!

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I was SO proud of the students for trying so hard to keep reading and taking tests despite all the testing, and the fact that the library was closed for literally almost the entire quarter.  We tried to adjust their goals to make it more fair, but honestly, they had to work really hard to get even a smaller goal.  Kudos to the kiddos who rocked it out!  All students who met their AR Goal were treated to Jolly Rancher Popsicles and Sprite.  Our AR Winners are listed below.  

Third Grade:

Rhett B. - 55 points

Hollister R. - 50.9 points; Above and Beyond with 442.6% of his goal!

Carson H. - 36 points

Rhett B. - vocabulary winner with 148 words

Fourth Grade:

Judon M. - 100.8 points; Above and Beyond with 757.8% of his goal!

Helen S. - 47.4 points

Skylar T. - 39.4 points

Isabella M. - vocabulary winner

Fifth Grade:

Aiyana F. - 153.9 points

Madison J. - 138.1 points; Above and Beyond with 945.8% of her goal!

Jake H. - 131.3 points

Trinity W. - vocabulary winner

The top point earners received special beach-themed duck trophies,the vocabulary winners received a "top banana" trophy, and all of these students get to take a limo ride to Sonny's!  Sonny's decorated their back room, had cupcakes for us, and their wait staff was amazing.  How awesome is that?!  Also, the Above and Beyond winners received an extra special prize!  


A HUGE THANK YOU to Tanya-Marie Toole and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turnage, who purchased our AR Treats.  We truly appreciate your generosity!


Students, I have a survey I'd LOVE for you to complete.  We want to order the books YOU want with our earnings from the Book Fair this year.  Complete the survey and help us out!